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Attractive Young Woman

Coach John is incredibly kind, passionate, friendly, patient, and it was a sincere pleasure meeting him today. I recently moved down to the Florida area, so it has been a while since I had the opportunity to stay consistent with the game. He took time to walk me through every aspect of our session in a step-by-step approach, (which meant a lot as I am both a kinesthetic and visual learner) showing me proper foot placement, raquet position, grip, etc.) and always asked me if I had any questions. I learned so much in my first session, and I look forward to my future sessions with Coach John

Frankie Bolder

Elegant Female

Coach John has made an amazing impact on my son's ability to understand the game; always enthusiastic to ensure he maximizes learning during his lesson. Coach John had definitely displayed patience, empathy, humour and sound technical knowledge when coaching my son. The experience has been nothing short of amazing and we look forward to more lessons when we visit Orlando again! Thanks, Coach!

Quinn Davis

Portrait of Senior Woman

Coach John is super with students of any level and ability. He is patient and kind, while still challenging students to improve. I've never seen him yell or be angry or impatient with any student. My son, who loves tennis, has grown and improved much over the past several years working with Coach John. My daughter and I, who are very non-athletic, took lessons for 2 years. Even though my daughter never really wants to do anything active or sweat-inducing, she was always laughing and having fun by the end of each class. John has a remarkable ability to work with kids at a wide variety of levels, even within the same class, challenging the ones who are more advanced while keeping it simple for the ones who are not. We all love Coach John and highly recommend him for private or group lessons.

Sandy Williams

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